Professional tool belt, black leather, 8 pockets
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Professional tool belt, black leather, 8 pockets

Product Code: PRO-M12-SMA

Designed to facilitate the work of carpenters and construction workers, this professional tool belt features made from 100% premium 5.5-6.0 oz (2.2-2.4 mm) thick full-grain leather, this heavy-duty professional tool belt comes with several accessories needed for carrying tools.

  • Composed of a 9-10 oz (3.6/4.0 mm) thick, 2” wide, full-grain leather belt reinforced at its core with an extremely strong nylon, polyester and polypropylene compound, the belt has a forged
  • Unbreakable buckle
  • Sewn on the periphery using a sturdy nylon thread (CBB207) to ensure its longevity.
  • The back support has a 3/8” (9 mm) felt lining for added comfort throughout the day.
  • Four riveted leather loops hold the belt in place on the support while allowing it to be removable.
  • 8 sturdy pouches, two of them 9” wide and 7” long, each with 3 interior compartments for wood chisels or pliers. The apron also provides 2 hammer holders, compartments for 4 pencils and 2 knives, 4 compartments for crowbars as well as 2 compartments for triangular angle irons.
  • The seams are made of heavy-duty nylon thread and are lined where they are most likely to be tested more severely.
  • All pockets are reinforced with rust resistant rivets.
  • The upper part of the bag (where the belt is inserted) is lined with the same leather to prevent it from stretching under the weight of the load it can hold.
  • The professional tool belt is designed for both left- and right-handed users.


Weight: 8.10 lb

Waist sizes ranging from

  • 34” to 43” = small
  • 38” to 47” = medium
  • 44” to 53” = large


Tools Belt Chart-2.pdf

CAD $343.95 /KIT
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