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Welcome to our online store

Find the product that suits your protection needs or style: cases, bags, wallets, belts, suspenders and laces, aprons, specialized work gears, fashion accessories and, of course, animal harnesses, collars, and leashes.

MINIMUM PURCHASE 25$ - Those articles are sold to the public through this e-boutique. If you already are a corporate client, access our products through your professional access.

Leather Goods

Wedge holster (medium and large), black leather
  • CAD $19.99 /EACH
Tri-fold wallet, small side, black leather
  • CAD $26.99 /EACH
Cosmetic travel case, large size, black leather
  • Contact us for pricing

Workman's apron in leather
  • CAD $80.99 /EACH
Shipping holster riveted, black leather
  • CAD $15.99 /EACH
Sport belt handbag, black leather
  • CAD $18.99 /EACH